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The Online Design Service – How it works.

Packaging Designer Online Service - Packaging Cloud

It’s how I make the design process easy. The online timeline helps every project runs smoothly and can be accessed wherever you are and on whatever device you have.


Your Designer Online

All design developments and updates are posted to your online timeline in chronological order with a clear time stamp. As the project progresses the timeline builds to tell the story of your packaging and branding – it is that simple and that straightforward.

Private, simple, useful.

The timeline has been designed to keep everything as simple as possible. It has an intuitive interface that requires just one-click to view any update and all communication is done through email with a quick link button at the top of the timeline.

It just works.

Because the space is online, it works with almost every web browser. That means you can access it on any computer, laptop or smartphone. It also means you can manage the project wherever you are, whenever you like.



[one_half]Try it out…
If you would like to see how the works then enter you name and email below. I will send you an email with links to a demonstration page. Once you have opened the demonstration you can email me with any questions or just to say hello.



[one_half_last]See more first…
If you want to see the timeline in more detail first then check out this page to see the interface and key features.

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